Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Sugar Wax Hair Remover

"Finally a Working Homemade Hair Removal Solution!" 

This is one of those ideas I debated on blogging about, but after asking fans over on our facebook page if they wanted more "it works but it's...ehhhh" posts, I decided to go ahead and share.

Sugar Wax. A long-time touted hair remover, and something you can easily make in your own kitchen. With a few simple ingredients you can be on your way to being hairless for a fraction of the cost of waxing kits you buy in the store. Right?

It's not that simple. I decided to test this out myself after reading a lot of mixed reviews on it. I found this YouTube video and decided to spend an evening testing it out.

The first batch didn't turn out. Neither did the second. Or the third. I told myself one more try, and then I was going to give up. Well wouldn't you know it, fourth time's a charm I guess, because this time to turned out like the video suggested it would.

So how well does it wax? Not as harshly as the store bought wax I normally use. Which was nice. I tested it out on my eyebrows, upper lip, and arm. It wasn't as easy to control, so my brows didn't turn out as cleanly as I like them, but the upper lip was nice (and it didn't make me break out, which most waxing does when I do my upper lip) I did have to apply and remove it many, many times to get most of the hair, unlike the one time application I do with other waxes. I have dark thick body hair though, so my fair haired followers might not have to apply it as much as I did.

I wrapped the leftovers in plastic wrap, and then went back a bit later to try it again. Unfortunately, it stuck something awful to the bag, and despite briefly microwaving it and trying to warm it with hot water, I could not get it off the plastic wrap. What I did manage to pull had changed in texture and consistency and was pretty much useless.

Personally, I'm sticking to commercial waxes (this is the one I normally use). At the end of the day, this was such a hassle, a mess, and countless hours in frustration that I just can't get into it. Does it work? If you can manage to get it the right consistency, yeah. But is it worth all the hassle? For me, the answer is no.

So has any of our fans tried this before? What were your results like?


  1. I never could perfect the flicking method for wax to use by itself.. so previously I have used the wax that you take off with strips.
    But since I actually MADE a sugar wax that really works well and again, I use it with fabric strips I cut from fabric scraps.
    Here is the link:
    when making it, I didn't have a thermometer either, I just went by the color. I store it in a jar with rubber sealed lid and warm it in the microwave when I want to use it (very cautiously, stirring and making sure not too hot)

    It works really well this way and has kept for ages (I think it's 8 months old and still fine) because of the lemon juice I think.

    I use it successfully on legs, bikini, top lip and my arms. All with no skin reaction and it's always super easy clean up.

  2. Anonymous29/4/15

    I think Nad's is a sugar-based gel and I've used the same jar for a couple years now! i live in the Portland, OR area so I do reheat it, especially during the winter, but it's so much gentler while still being super effective!

  3. its very common in middle east and you can buy it from the drug store that can work every time

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