Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toilet Seat Covers to Blot Oily Face

"Use a toilet seat cover to blot the oil from a greasy face."

So the idea behind this suggestion is that the thin, dry tissue like seat covers in bathroom stalls can act the same way as facial blotting papers can. Sure the paper texture is similar enough, that it might just work. That's not the problem with the suggestion though. So what is? Well it's a commonly known fact (or at least I assumed it was) that there is a spray radius from toilets. It's one of the reasons they suggest you always put the seat down before flushing. In fact, the Mythbusters did a show on this. Their results? It's true. Not only that, these seat covers are usually found in public restrooms, where there aren't lids for the toilets. 

So you're best bet is to skip on trying to use these are facial blotting paper. Stick with using rice paper which works great and can be bought online for fairly cheap. 


  1. Oh really that is very shocking news for me
    !!!because i have heard only that toilet paper is used only to protect toilet user against the germs!!!this can be used in skin solution also that is really new thing!!!!!

  2. Anonymous25/3/14

    Icky? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely!

  3. Don't care to find out if it works for removing oil or not .. dabbing "poo particles" on my face sounds like a recipe for break outs or a skin infection! Gross!

  4. That's gross!!! This is one of my everyday essential -- Chambuu Facial Blotting Tissue. I love it because it's organic and it's made of Charcoal Bamboo which has high absorbent properties and it comes with 200 sheets for a cheap price.You can purchase it here -----> Use this discount code: WYMBLF6S (code works. tried it yesterday)