Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Posts Revisited

Well there's been enough posts and wonderful fans asking a lot of questions and comments that I think it would be great to revisit some of the past posts I've done.

The first post I have new information on is the infamous Glow-In-The -Dark WalkwayThe mystery is finally solved! I've had a lot of really great suggestions from fans on how this photo was taken, but one commenter shared a link that fully explains it, directly from the photographer himself. What I had missed the first time around was a small faint water mark on the bottom right hand corner of the image. The photographer is David Tejada and famous for his lighting techniques. You can read the full interview here, but basically it was done with a ridiculously long shutter speed and a flash light in his own back yard. So there you go, straight from the photographer, this isn't glow in the dark paint. 

The second post I'd like to revisit is a Good Idea Friday I posted about last month. The "Ziplock Bag To Prevent Flies" has been hotly debated. Apparently Mythbusters did an episode on it, and they found it actually attracted more flies. However, a lot of people debate on the effectiveness of their experiment as they not only did this indoor with artificial lights, they left out the pennies. They also had a lot more flies than you would normally have, rotten meat, and a fairly small area in which they did the experiment (I love Mythbusters but agree they tend to go the extreme when testing things). Critics of their test believe these are enough to say the test failed because they weren't doing it correctly. You can read more about this over at Hoax Slayer. So for now, Good Idea still? Maybe. It is ridiculously cheap to do, and it may or may not work. And as tacky as it might look, it is slightly better than fly tape. Unfortunately I don't live in area with much of a fly problem, so I'm unable to test this myself, but I would love to hear from fans on this.

So that's our recap. Are there any posts we've done that you'd like to see us go more in depth on? Let us know! We're on twitter and facebook.


  1. Just ran across your blog when giggling about something on Pinterest and in reading some of your articles I came to this one concerning bags of water used to keep away bugs. I do believe this is more of a "Southern Custom" but it's been around awhile and it does actually work. Once you realize the flies stay away you don't care what it looks like to have baggies full of water hangin' from your back porch. Here is a photo of Bradley's Country Store (that you can purchase on Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/listing/82625097/bradleys-country-store-8x12-fine-art?ref=market note the bags of water hanging from the establishment and may I be the first to state that in all of the years I have traveled the canopy roads of North Florida to sit on the porch and eat a homemade sausage dog, I have never seen a fly at Bradley's Country Store. Give it a try, you may be surprised at how well it works. Oh, and we don’t use pennies.

  2. These bags DO work! I work at a corn maze in the fall and they have them hanging (without the pennies) in the shelter area for eating. No flies anywhere, and that's huge for horse/cattle country Kentucky.

  3. Though I'm not sure about the Ziploc bag with water and pennies in it to keep flies away, I can tell you it helps repel wasps and yellowjackets. We have been using this for a few years now with only one penny in it and it actually works. As for flies though, no comment on those pests.

  4. Anonymous6/4/14

    I was taught that the reason it works is because of the distorted reflection caused by the water in the bag, and the way their eyeballs are shaped. When they see their reflection in the bag they think it's another huge big that they don't wanna eff with.

  5. Anonymous7/7/15

    Thank you! I really loved the look of those stones, but knew it couldn't be that neon paint!

  6. When that photo first got posted, rustoleum was selling a yellow glow in the dark paint, now I can't find it!

  7. When that photo first got posted, rustoleum was selling a yellow glow in the dark paint, now I can't find it!

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