Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Glow In the Dark Walkway

"Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint. During the day they “charge” in the sun and in the evening they reflect the stored light. Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Brush-on Paint."

This is another example of a photo on pinterest with an idea that doesn't match up with the image. Those are not patio stones that are painted with glow in the dark paint. I've also seen the same image tagged with Glow Stones - a company that makes glow in the dark rocks. 

But how do I know this? Because that's not what glow in the dark paint would look like, first off. Glow in the dark paint often times comes in colors like yellow, green, or pink, and tend to be that of a neon nature. 
Here is an example of what the glow in the dark paint from Rust-Oleum looks like:

Glow in the dark bat : B-Movie Star


That is awfully green and neon compared to the original image. You'd also have to make sure the pavers you are painting aren't treated with waterproofing, and since this paint isn't designed for outside use, you have to realize that with wear and tear and normal weather condition it will peel and chip over time.

So what about the other product this often times get tagged as on Pinterest - Glow Stones? Again, nope. Glow stones look to have the same bright colors as other glow in the dark paints do. Not only that, Glow Stones only come in pebble size rocks - not large flat walkway paver stones. They come in ether a blue or green, not that warm soft yellow that the walk way is glowing in.

So what COULD be the cause behind this great image? Photoshop or good lighting, It's as simple as that. Lets take a look at the image again. If you look at it, you will notice that there is a soft light not only on the walkway  but also reflected back onto the fence door and the vases by the fence. Also notice how the light of the walkway extends OUT from the stones themselves, as if there were simply a light source that was lighting the walk way from above? 

So there you go - this isn't glow in the dark paint or Glow Stones, but just a pretty picture of your average walkway that ether had a perfectly time photo taken or has been altered in photoshop. I've tried to find the source of this image, but haven't been able to track it down. It seems it's just been pasted around the internet being tagged as what to do with glow in the dark paint. 

But that OTHER image making the rounds of pinterest being tagged as glow stones? That is legit. In fact you can even find over at their website. 

Update 10/2013 - This post has quickly became one of our MOST popular posts, and with out a doubt one of the most debated and talked about posts we've done. Good news - we were able to track down the artist thanks to a fan, and have updated news on this over at Posts Revisited. So we can all put to the rest finally how the image was made. (hint: it's really not glow in the dark paint)


  1. Those look like LED stepping stones that many exterior fixture manufactures sell... I swear I've seen that photo in one of my catalogs.

  2. Anonymous19/6/13

    I end up at the most random blogs...

  3. Anonymous20/6/13

    Same here on the random blog thing..

  4. Anonymous23/6/13

    I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that this image is actually done with a really long exposure and a flashlight.....

  5. I think that sense it is hard to take a picture of things glowing outside at night,they were lit up with photoshop to give you the general idea so you can see it

  6. fiona18/8/13

    Agreed, definitely not glow in the dark paint.
    The image is most likely created "in camera" with a long exposure and light painting -- pointing a light source at each paver, one by one.

  7. This is a photo done as Fiona said. The photographer had it posted on TrekLens years ago. he did a long exposure and "painted" the stones and other elements with a flashlight. It's a great technique, full of creative possibilities.

  8. Anonymous23/8/13

    I had not seen this post and like an idiot I ran to the store to buy the glow in the dark spray paint and exactly as you mentioned that's what happened. NO GLOW IN THE DARK!!!

  9. Anonymous25/8/13

    The photo is a photography trick and isn't even done with outdoor lighting. Here is a page where the photographer talks about how he achieved this effect:

  10. Anonymous27/8/13

    This was done with glow stone. I know that because i was looking into buying it. The website had these on it. It was stone not paint.

    No tricks,


  13. Anonymous10/5/14

    LOL, You go to pinterest to learn how to sew a slipcover for an ottoman, and end up seeing glow in the dark painted stuff... Then you think hey that'd be so cool. Only to find out it wasn't real... I too ended up on this site after googling glow in the dark paint... And the title captured my attention. I thought who wouldn't want to pin this? LOL....

  14. Anonymous12/5/14

    For those of you that already tried it, don't feel like an idiot! I was on my way! No kidding! I am just lucky my research took me this far! And you would think that I would have known better! But oh my , it was just so cool looking, and I recently did my own sidewalk with shale creek rock, and sand from the creek, which runs within 10 ft of my back door! Oooooh I thought, wouldn't that be the coolest topper for the sidewalk I worked so hard 2 weeks ago to build? I'm just thankful I stumbled onto this first. :(

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      If you're still looking for a solution to your glowing shale rock, consider either our Powder Pigment or our Sand Pigment. Both can be applied with a clear epoxy and will glow in the dark. During the day, the pigment will be a whitish green to yellow green. At night, it will either glow green, deep blue, aqua blue, or violet. Other, softer glow colors are available by special order. Of course, you could also add in our glow glass or resins into your sand/grout area. Many customers opt for this easy solution. Happy Glowing!

  15. Anonymous19/5/14

    Some really great ideas on pintrest and like the others, I saw this and was ready to buy the paint but was researching first because, I figured that it had to be an exterior glow in the dark paint. I had a hard time visualizing how the glow in the dark paint (which appears green) could give a cool illuminated look like the picture. This blog saved me as it did others. Lesson learned - always do research!!!

  16. Anonymous23/7/14

    There is a seller on the website Listia selling a "recipe" for this glowing walkway. They use the same image (1st one) They have sold many recipes, and have great feedback for it, so I'm guessing whatever they are selling might (or might not) work. The seller name was aladyinneed. Just thought I'd share this info :-)

  17. Anonymous10/5/15