Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glow Stick Xylophone

"Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Probably the coolest thing ever."

Ah yes, another glow stick pin. Sadly, short of taking illegal drugs, this isn't going to work. It doesn't work that way. 

Kuro! : joo0ey
It's just the effect of long light exposure from her camera, nothing more. Long light exposure is how they get all of those really fun photos you can find everywhere online, like this one on the left. It's done by adjusting settings on your camera. SLRs are recommended but modern day click and point digital cameras can also do this. The real trick is making sure you have a tripod or something completely stable to set your camera on, switch your camera over to manual mode and then messing with the shutter speed of your camera. There's a lot of great how to guides online, but I've found it's best to have fun, go out and do it yourself. I have even written about a great "How to use your camera" blog post on a previous Good Idea Friday, which you can find here.

In fact, if you actually click over to the website where the image comes from, she even states "The aura is just an effect from the camera" So, what does the glow sticks in a cup of water really look like? 

Glow stick water cups : Play At Home Mom LLC

So there you go - still kinda fun and neat, a great play item for the kidos on a rainy evening, but nothing special, no auras, no glowing tubes of light shooting out of the glasses.


  1. it recks me at glow-glasses =) maybe like this

  2. Anonymous25/1/14

    Give credit to the picture where it is due

  3. Anonymous24/5/15

    Yet it worked!

    1. Read the comments at de man vs pin video. It was all sarcasm, Rob fooled us..

    2. 'de' has to be 'the'.