Friday, February 08, 2013

Good Idea Friday - Learning To Use Your Camera

Photograph tutorial : It's Over Flowing

A little something different for this Friday's Good Idea...

Some of you may know in my spare time I run an online jewelry store, which requires a ton of photos to be taken. I don't own a DLSR, (though I wouldn't mind having one, it's not in the budget) so for now my mid-rang Sony DSC HX works well enough. But I didn't start out with anything more than your basic point and click, and not having a freaking clue in what I was doing.

So I did what anyone would do; I turned to the internet. I tried to read page after page of how to do different settings from white balance to aperture, but honestly most of them just made my eyes go cross. I just wasn't getting it. Even after getting my Sony I still had no idea what I was doing. My photography friends tried to help me, but I was feeling like I was a hopeless case.

Cue the blog post I'm sharing today - Out of every thing I've read on photography, this blog I found on Pinterest was the first to make me GET it.

So my Good Idea Friday post is to go out there, grab your camera, and read this blog. Even your most basic point and shoot camera can do a lot of these settings, so I recommend ether reading the manual or finding a PDF of it online. You might find that you don't NEED a super fancy camera to shoot amazing photos, which comes in handy if you're blogging or running an etsy shop or just trying to take a great shot of your kids. 

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