Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Muffin Tins Secret Use

"Flip Over a Muffin Tin to Make Delicious Ready-to-Fill Cookie Bowls The dream of enjoying cookies and milk—or cookies and ice cream—at the same time is real, and all you need to do it is cookie dough and a muffin tin. Flip the muffin tin over, form the cookie dough around the cups instead of inside it, and bake the tin upside down." 

I'm sure anyone who spends any time on Pinterest has seen this one. Maybe some of you have been lucky enough to see the failed attempts at this as well. Because it's false. For the most part at least. As much as that  does look at first glance like a muffin tin, it's not. It's designed just to make these cups, as you can see it has a small indent at the rim of each cup, to help support the dough. (It's made by Wilson's if anyone is interested)  But fear not, even though this is a specialty pan it still seems to get mixed reviews, as people complained that the cookie dough still tended to 'run' or melt out of the cup shape molds. You'd need to use a fairly firm cookie recipe, probably one with less butter than normal for this to work right. Other reviewers have suggested everything from making sure the dough is very well chilled to rolling it out between wax paper to help roll out the thicker made dough.

I have a bad habit of setting my oven on fire anytime I mention baking, so this isn't something I'm going to attempt, but has anyone used these pans? Do you think they worked better than a muffin tin or not? I guess if all else fails you could always use this tin right side round to make some very pretty mini flans or jell-o desserts. 

And if anyone is wondering if there is any way to really make them at home - sure there is! Here is a great write up on how to make cookie cups with a muffin tin the right way with a tried and trusted fail proof method - it does take longer time and prep to make them this way, but at least you know the outcome will probably be better then a cookie coated oven to clean. 

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