Monday, October 12, 2015

Banana Peels to Heal Bruises

"Holding a banana peel over a bruise for 10-30 minutes will remove it's color!" 

Between work, hobbies and wrangler to two kids, I've had my fair share of bruises. So having seen this idea pin several times on pinterest I decided to give it a try. Despite testing it several times, it never once worked for me. Some of the pins suggest doing it right after you get hit, others seem to say it will fade already developed bruises, however if you bang your knee on a table and put a banana peel on it, and a bruise doesn't form - was it the peel or were you just not going to develop a bruise? I tested it both on newly hit areas, and bruises I already had, yet it didn't do a thing for me. (Other than making me looking silly, holding banana peels to my legs) 

Having looked up the contents of the banana peel, I was hoping perhaps there was some high content of some mineral or vitamin known to help the skin, and in turn people assumed it would help with bruises. However despite having vitamins like Manganese and Potassium, it has a much higher fiber and water content compared to an actual banana (source) In that case, why not just use an actual banana? 

Type in "How to get rid of bruises" on pinterest (or even google) will pull up dozens of different methods. I've personally tested out the banana peel method, but I'm going to list below some of the other ways they say you can fade a bruise:

  • Listerine
  • Bananas
  • Vinegar
  • Milk
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Leeches 
  • Onions
  • Eat Pineapple, Parsley

Unfortunately - most of these will not work. That's not how bruises work. They are caused by bleeding under the skin. About the only one I can see being effective on that list is the leeches, but I don't know of anyone who happens to keep a jar of those handy around anymore. Anything else is just being placed on the surface of the skin, and won't have much of an impact on how fast the blood will fade.

There are some more traditional methods that you can try to help lessen the coloring and pain, such as icing the area and taking an NSAID or tylenol; however as I was researching various methods I came across one that seems to actually work faster than just time : Kinesio tape, also known as KT tape.

The interesting thing about this, is that there are well documented photos showing how well it works. 

from the blog Ride. Write. Repeat.

In fact because of how the tape is applied, you can see where the tape was aiding in the healing process. After searching details on this method, I found countless photos and examples of people with kinesio tape to help heal bruises. The way the tape works on your skin, the tension involved and how it pulls up on the skin; allowing the blood to better disperse. Though it might seem a bit overkill if you're just trying to heal a small bruise on your knee or arm, if you're facing a far more serious and painful bruise, this is the method I'd turn to. Leave the banana peels in the garbage. 


  1. What realy works is massaging the bruise gently a few time a day. That way the blood under the skin will dissapear more quickly, you massage it away.

  2. Anonymous17/1/16

    I will offer a couple of things from my direct experience. I bruise like a grape, but if I take enough vitamin c, it helps me not to bruise as badly, and what bruises I have heal quicker. Another one from my personal experience is this, I had surgery on my chest, and was awfully swollen and bruised from it. I don't eat gelatin as a rule, if you put some down in front of me I'll eat it, but it's not a food that I seek out. After my surgery, I started craving gelatin like there was no tomorrow, and after I got some and started eating it, the bruising and swelling from my surgery went down drastically. I did a little searching around on the web, and there seems to be some merit in the idea that gelatin has anti inflammatory properties or helps the collagen in skin and muscle re-build or some such. It certainly makes me wonder about it that Jello is one thing I expect to find on a hospital lunch tray.....just saying...

  3. If you take a daily low dose aspirin you will bruise more easily. Also as we age, we bruise more easily. Time heals all wounds, even bruises. If it doesn't heal, see your doctor.

  4. If you take a daily low dose aspirin you will bruise more easily. Also as we age, we bruise more easily. Time heals all wounds, even bruises. If it doesn't heal, see your doctor.

  5. Bruises are very common and can cause severe pain. The good news is that it is possible to effectively speed up the natural recovery process from this painful condition. Some people recover from a bruise very slowly and take weeks. If you have the same problem, do not worry because I have found some sites that are providing effective Homemade Remedies for Bruises . You can try any of these remedies for good results. Home Remedies for Bruises are the best way to cure this problem naturally.

  6. Anonymous24/3/17

    Vitamin K aids in healing bruises. It is essential to the coagulation process. It is found in leafy vegetables such as spinach. Also surprisingly in tobacco. Make a poultice from tobacco, and apply it topically. This is not an appropriate remedy, however, if you are at risk of stroke or other blood clots for obvious reasons.

    1. Is there Vitamin K in spinach stem? And if there is, How can I extract it so I can use it on healing bruises?

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