Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Posts Revisited #2

Time for an update post on two different posts.

Natural Weed Killer Update:

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a couple of DIY weed killers. A few people mentioned sometimes it takes more than 24 hours for commercial weed killer to do it's magic (different weed killers work differently, some work by stopping chlorophyll production, so it can take sometimes a week or more to show results). I kept an eye on the weeds I sprayed (disclaimer - I had already pulled the big, nasty, hit-you-in-the-leg thorny weeds before all of this, so I apologize I have no update on those) and here they are today, about 2 weeks later:

Yeah still looking pretty healthy to me. I went ahead and used up the rest of the vinegar/soap/salt mix, however, on the surrounding weeds just this week, and here's how they currently look (note the completely dead crispy weeds on the top of the rocks there, that's from the original experiment done 2 weeks ago)

As some of you know, I'm naturally skeptical, especially when it comes to anything involving infamous Cure Alls like vinegar, coconut oil, etc., but I'm going to stick with my original review and say that yes, this really DOES work, and it works well. Though boiling water is just as effective, easier, and cheaper, this mix isn't bad and does work.

The BEST Fruit Fly Trap Update:

I've also had a few people ask about where to get sticky tape for the fruit fly trap. I found some just the other day at Winco actually, but I assume most hardware stores will carry it. It's actually marketed as a window tape for flies, it comes in a little package that reminded me of those hand warmers you find around winter time.  And of course you can find it on amazon if you don't feel like hauling yourself to the hardware store.

And that's it for today. I'm running low on bad ideas, so please! If you have a bad idea you've came across on pinterest, let us know. Feel free to share bad ideas with us over on Facebook or Twitter. I've had a couple requests to try a few other natural weed killers so if you have any you'd like me to test, let me know!


  1. Thank you for trying this! I am going to try it soon. And it's good to have some confirmation that commercial weed killers don't work—they've never worked for us either. Thanks for trying out pins! I love reading about what you've tried.

  2. This might be more effective with horticultural vinegar, which has a 20% acetic acid concentration. Household vinegar only has 5%. Love the blog!

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