Friday, May 02, 2014

Good Idea Friday - Glue and Food Coloring to Make Colored Beach Glass

A fan sent me this and was wondering just how do-able it was. I've seen this around pinterest like many of you I'm sure, but I was pretty skeptical about how well it would work. 

I did a sneak peak awhile back on our facebook page and needless to say, since this is a Good Idea Friday post, it worked! 

I had a small glass candlestick holder I picked up at the dollar store to test this out on. Mixing just your basic kids glue with a drop or two of food coloring (a little bit goes a LONG way! I wanted a more softer realistic color to the glass, so less was more) and I painted it on.

Looking at it, I was still really skeptical. It looked streaked, thicker in some places, and blotchy. 

But checking back on it once it dried.. yep. turned out perfectly! 

Now a few things, this is just basic glue. Water, grease, dirt, even your nails, will damage the coating. In fact you can just peel the glue off or wash it in warm soapy water to get the glue/dye mixture off. But if you're looking for a temporary way of dressing up a table or mantle this would be fine. As far as the source, it looks like it belongs to a private G+ account that had this image shared publicly, so I won't link to that. 

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  1. That looks pretty cool! How about sealing it with a matte spray lacquer?

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