Monday, March 10, 2014

How To Obtain A Free Umbrella

No. No. Just no. Don't do this. Why? Because it's STEALING. Does this even need to be explained? 


  1. Hahaha very humorous

  2. Anonymous10/10/14

    To be fair, nobody else will ever pick up that umbrella. I got an Umbrella for free after I went to class for three months in a row, and the same pretty spotted umbrella was still hanging there. So I decided whoevers Umbrella this was, they were not coming back for it and it's my favourite Umbrella of all time.
    I also have a friend who worked in the city's Lost and Found, and she said they had a huge shelf of black umbrellas and after a while would just chuck out the ones on the bottom and would not even bother if one was broken. Nobody ever came for those.

  3. Anonymous2/2/15

    I was surprised by how many of the life hacks on one of these sites were simply about being dishonest!