Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Idea Friday - Flat Iron Your Clothes

Flat Ironing Clothes : Clementine Bean 

I saw this trick posted on pinterest this week and knew I had to share it. Over at Clementine Bean, she blogged about her trick of using her flat iron for simple ironing fixes. It's something I've personally been doing for ages on my ribbons or scarfs I use on my hair. If you ever find yourself running late and don't want to break out the iron for a simple fix, say your shirt's cuffs are a bit wonky or the hem is curled up, just use your flat iron. Now make sure that the clothing you're using it on is iron safe, of course; don't try this on polyester or anything prone to melting. Otherwise it works great. I'm actually a bit of an odd ball who doesn't mind ironing clothing, but it does seem a bit excessive or labor intensive if all you need to iron is something small. 

In fact, for those of you who sew, I bet having a cheap flat iron dedicated to pressing seams would be an ingenious item to add to your sewing kit. 

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  1. YES! Seamstress. I started using my flat iron YEARS ago. I figured it was the same concept as an iron.