Monday, August 19, 2013

Tennis Ball to Unlock Your Car

"Use a tennis ball to unlock your car door. Brilliant."

A fan sent this asking how true this pin was. Fortunately, it's not true at all. It's a common urban legend that has been making the rounds of youtube for some time now. I'm pretty sure if it was doable, thieves everywhere would rejoice, because it's a lot easier to get away with carrying a tennis ball than it is the special picks or master keys. (and also far more legal..)

I did a bit of research, and multiple sources (source 1, source 2) basically said it was undoable. And the masters of mythbusting themselves have even tried it, so if they can't get it to work, chances are no one can either. Chances are good that in the video, as she was doing it, someone was off-camera with a keyless entry remote and pushed the unlock button as she pressed on the tennis ball.


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