Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Homemade Sea or Beach Glass

"Make your own sea glass. All you need is glass in jar with sand and shake. LOVE sea glass."

Ah yes, if only it was that easy. Unfortunately it's not, and I've found a couple of blogs where people have attempted to do this who said it didn't work. Why? Well, first off just sand itself won't even work, you need to add water to it, something this pin doesn't mention. Not only that, the time it would take to do this in a professional tumbler is at least 24 hours. Can you imagine sitting around your house all day long shaking a jar of sand and water to create beach glass? 

There are ways you can make it at home if you love sea glass but don't live near a beach (or don't want to spend hours trying to find it on the beach as it is) but it calls for a rock tumbler. Simply load your tumbler with tumbling grit, water, and broken glass and let it tumble for 24-72 hours. Something you just couldn't do yourself with a jar. I mean, maybe you could reinvent this to be a daily workout, sort of a "Crafters Shake Weight," and shake the jar for an hour each day, and maybe in a month you might have beach glass, but you're best bet if you really want to DIY it is to invest in a tumbler. 

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