Friday, June 28, 2013

A Word From Our Sponsors..

Ok well not really, because I don't have any. But I would like to.

I write posts for this blog in my spare time, though lately it's taking time away from my other job--the one that pays my bills and feeds my kids--because, much to my surprise, this blog has became quite popular. I'm not complaining, though, I LOVE it. I really do. I love working on this blog so much that I'm willing to focus a lot more time and research into it. But in order to do that, I need to find a way for it to help with the whole 'paying of bills' thing. Which is where sponsors and ads come in.

Now I know what you all are wondering, and no I won't be doing sponsored posts. I personally don't like them and I really want my blog to remain a trusted source of information. Not that every blog with sponsored posts are questionable, but I really want to make sure there is never a doubt about what I blog about. I don't want people thinking I'm suggesting the use of toothpaste to clean your whiteboard because wouldn't you know it, Crest sent me some samples.

So, I have two options in order to be able to keep posting and researching like I have been, and that is to either find sponsors myself and sell ad space directly on my blog, or go through a company like Google, Blog Her, or IZEA to put ads on my blog for me.

So here is where my amazing fan base can step in: if you own a company or blog, or know someone who does and would like to buy ad space, please contact me. Sponsorship of the blog will allow me to continue to write like I have been without taking time away from my other job. My little blog has grown more than expected since it was launched in February of this year. To share some statistics: at the time of this post, we have had a total of 72,817 page hits since the page launched, and last month we had 34,794. That's nearly half of our all time page hits in the last month alone, and I project that this month we will have at least 45,000 hits. So you see it wouldn't be a bad blog to invest in sponsoring.

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