Friday, May 17, 2013

Good Idea Friday - Aluminum Foil Dryer Sheets

I know, I know. If it was that easy why isn't everyone using aluminum foil instead of wasting money on dryer sheets? But it is. In fact there is science behind it. It's as simple as taking some aluminum foil, roughly crumpling it into a ball, and adding a few of those to your dryer. It won't give your clothes that scent that dryer sheets do, but it DOES cut a lot of the static away from your clothes, which is at least the #1 reason I use dryer sheets. But how does it work? Easy - it all comes down to ions. 

You see, what causes static electricity in the first place is run away ions. You can read more here on a quick and simple rundown on what causes static electricity if you're interested. My theory is that as aluminum is a pretty good conductor that it simply discharges any of the static in your dryer, instead of allowing it to build up on the clothing. Another alternative you see mentioned online is wool dryer balls or tennis balls, but those don't work on static, only on speeding up drying time and making clothes fluffy. 

So has anyone tried this? Since I take my clothes to the laundromat I've been a bit hesitant to personally try it, but I'd love feedback on if you think it works well or not. Leave a comment here or over on our facebook page. 


  1. What about covering tennis balls with aluminum foil?

    1. oh! That sounds like a great idea! You'd get the effect of the balls fluffing and speeding up the drying time, while the foil cuts down on static.

  2. I use white vinegar in the liquid softener thing in my washer, and have 2 decent sized balls of aluminum foil in my dryer. The vinegar helps to soften, and the aluminum removes static. I LOVE it!

  3. Anonymous17/10/13

    Have been using tinfoil for a years now ... no vinegar. Clothes come out static free and soft. Replace every 6 months or so. They make very interesting cat toys when your done with them :)

  4. Anonymous9/2/14

    FYI vinegar eats elastic so be careful what you're washing with it.

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