Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Water Marbles

"Water marbles! Crazy how a few kitchen ingredients will make these. Weird, I can't wait to try. Science party? THIS is COOL!" 

Oh these are fun! My kids have quite a few themselves that it seems they are constantly playing with, so the idea that we could spare a few bucks and just make it ourselves is always nice. According to the links, all it takes are a few easy kitchen ingredients - baking soda, vinegar, and salt. (is there anything apparently baking soda and vinegar can't do?!) mix parts of baking soda and vinegar then freeze, mix with salt and more vinegar then boil. This apparently will get you your own set of water marbles.

But it's false. What you'll end up with is a huge mess to clean up. It's a hoax. Water marbles are polymers, not something you can just cook up normally in your house. There's a great write up over at ChemSpider on this hoax, which originated with a Youtube video and has quickly been making the circuit everywhere. 


  1. Hi, you can make water marbles ( clear gel ) out of simple ingredients found in your house and i did it my self but the ingredients listed above are wrong.
    here is an link: you can go to and there you will find the correct ingredients but calcium bicarbonate is hard to find in a normal house so here is how to make it (i made my calcium bicarbonate this way too).You can produce a calcium bicarbonate solution by mixing baking soda and calcium pills (mineral supplements) into soda water.

  2. Anonymous12/8/14

    Those "water marbles" look like they're simply the Orbeez every little girl was crazy about a few years back.

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