Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Is Better to Light a Candle.. (Meaningful Misquotes #1)

Ah yes, the infamous meaningful quotes. They are everywhere on Pinterest. Full disclosure - I usually find these sort of things to be silly. They don't motivate me, they usually make me laugh or roll my eyes. Having said that, when I saw this one, I had to share. 

Did Mrs. Roosevelt really say this? Maybe. But the person who coined the saying is actually Peter Beneson, the founder of Amnesty International. He said it at a Human Rights Day ceremony on Dec 10, 1961. Mrs. Roosevelt passed away in 1962, so she may have said it, but it was in fact Mr. Beneson who first said it publicly and made the saying famous. (source:

 Reminds me a lot of this famous quote actually: 

Right on Mr. Lincoln. Right on. 

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  1. Nothing is important without any meaning. Understanding the meaning of anything is another important thing. Thanks for your shearing on meaningful quotes.