Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Idea Friday - Peroxide and Washing Soda

I'm usually skeptical when it comes to all the "make it yourself!" cleaners on pinterest. Yes baking soda and dawn works to clean your tub, but not nearly as well as the spray and wipe power of modern chemical cleaners (at least in my opinion - it takes a lot more elbow grease to clean the old cast iron clawfoot tub I have compared to the more modern fiberglass tubs and showers most people have) But this is one of the good ones on pinterest - in fact, this is what Oxyclean is. It's technically what is  referred to as oxygen bleach and it's just a mix of washing soda and hydrogen peroxide. (source: wikipedia

I haven't made this myself yet, but the recipe is as follows :

Homemade Oxy Clean 
1 cup water 
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup washing soda

Mix all ingredients together and store in a dark spray bottle. Hydrogen peroxide loses its effectiveness if stored in a light container. 

To use: Spray on soiled laundry and let it sit overnight. Or, if you have a number of clothes that are soiled, you make up a batch of this and soak them

Has anyone made this? how did it compare to things like Oxyclean? 


  1. You're completely missing the point if diy cleaners. Most people who make their own are trying to avoid our at least cut down on chemicals in their home, and the rest do it to save money. Of course the commercial liquid death chemical counterparts will clean better! But the point isn't what cleans best, it's how good can it clean while not killing me slowly and/or while saving me money! Those of us who are big into the diy cleaner fad are very aware that there is a price to be paid to avoid chemicals and/or to save money, and we're ok with that. It's a price we're willing to pay to reap the benefits.

    1. Anonymous5/6/14